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Programa Electric Connection

Neste programa apresentado pelo DJ Clarck você se sente conectado ao ambiente sonoro das pistas alternativas de São Paulo, os playlists são elaborados para curtir e dançar o melhor do Gothic Rock, EBM, Post Punk , Darkwave, Synthpop e Ethereal.

Toda quarta às 22h30 (wed, 10h30 pm Brazil time) com reprise aos domingos às 21h30 (sun, 09h30 pm Brazil time)



Pouppée Fabrikk – Portent (1991)

01- Destruktor
02- T.O.T.D.N.
03- Summon the Spirits
04- Pro Seed
05- Neophyte
06- Portent
07- Sand Asylum
08- Whatweare
09- Transformation
10- Stukach
11- What is Left - Love You Right

Recorded 1987 / Remastered 2009


Infacted Recordings announces the singing of Tribantura.
Tribantura is best known for their 1988 hit “Lack of Sense” released on the ZXY / Techno Drome International (TDI) label.
End of May 2009 will see the release of a 6 track CD including the original “Lack of sense” MCD. The material will come completely digital remastered and will hold new coverartwork. The 6-track MCD is limited to 1000 units worldwide.
Tribantura were Frank Rückert (üNN, Rauschfaktor,…), a music and video producer and Oliver Langbein. The project was produced by Talla 2xlc and released 1 single only. – where to buy : http://www.1848uenn.de/data/links.html



half past ten – mascara looks good
his reflected image is watching him
turns around – watching the dancefloor scene
greets the blue haired lady – looked better last time
with his favorite drink – he walks away
a slick looking stranger makes him curious
he steps up to him – starts a dialogue
for the rest of the night he talks to him


in the underground train – pictures pass thru his mind
underground train – a claring light startles him
tries to look behind of his genioul words
but there’s no sense nothing at all
how could they lead him astray
with such a fasade
blinded by genious words

it’s a quarter past two – pictures pass thru his mind
he unlocks his door – the claring light startles him
tries to find the sense of his own words
but there’s no sense nothing at all
what a self-deceit
the same deceptive way
he’s blinding with genious words

feeling guilty and low – exposed by his own lies
insecurity kills – a shameful feeling inside
tries to find the sense of his own words
but there’s no sense nothing at all
perfect self-deceit
the lies told about you – you can’t enjoy anymore
there’s just a lack of sense


turning round – watch the picture there
sees a blue haired lady – girlfriend last year
emptyness and this lack of sense
his dismantled image is watching him

Dr.Caligari [seu novo lar] – Sabados 22hs

A festa onde os amigos se reencontram para curtir o melhor do oldschool, num ambiente que relembra as casas do anos 80 e 90…

Agora a casa está maior ainda!!

80s.Darkwave.Gothic Rock.EBM.Britpop.More

Djs: Zowie.Marcelo Cyber.Barrella
 Orkut Add:

Wadão [anny 44]
Silmara [Espectro 80]

Entrada: R$10 – Mulher VIP até 23hs

#Inauguração do novo ambiente

#Vinho quente grátis para o 20 primeiros

#Bebidas a preços populares

#Pagamentos somente em dinheiro

Rua Dr.Albuquerque Lins, 184
Próximo ao Metro Marechal Deodoro

Dr.Caligari no Orkut:

Quem for corre o risco de escutar algumas dessas:

Alien Sex Fiend – I walk the line
Anne Clark – Sleeper in Metropolis
Apoptygma Berzerk – Kathy’s Song (Mix By Vnv Nation)
Bauhaus – Ziggy Stardust
Bronski Beat – Smalltown Boy
Cabine C – Neste Deserto
Camouflage – The Great Commandment
Cassandra Complex – Penny Century
Chris Isak – Wicked Game
Clan of Xymox – Jasmine Rose
Clan of Xymox – Louise
Clan of Xymox – Stranger
Cocteau Twins – Wax And Wane
Das Ich – Destillat
Das Ich – Gottes Tod
Desireless – Voyage Voyage
DeVision – Hand on My skin
DeVision – Try to forget
Echo & The Bunnymen – The Killing Moon
Echo and the Bunnymen – Bring On The Dancing Horses
Felt – Primitive Painters
Human League – Heart Like a Wheel
In Strict Confidence – Stripped
Joe Crow – Compulsion
Kirlian Camera – Eclipse
Mecano – Robespierre’s Re-Marx II
Monaco – What do You Want from Me
Neon Judgement – Chinese Black
New Order – Love Vigilants
Oingo Boingo – Just Another Day
Opera Multi Steel – Cathedrale (live)
Pet Shop Boys – Its a Sin
Peter Murphy – All Night Long
Peter Murphy – Cuts You Up
Poesie Noire – Fait Accompli
Poesie Noire – Marian (SoM Cover)
Poesie Noire – No Beach
Project Pitchfork – Souls
Second Decay – I’m leaving
Silke Bischoff – On The Other Side
Sisterhood – Giving Ground
Skeletal Family – She Cries Alone
Soft Cell – Tainted Love
Soft Cell – Torch
Sugar Cubes – Deus
Syntec – Its a lie
The Bolshoi – Sunday Morning
The Cure – Pictures of You
The Mission – Like a child again
The Smiths – Hand in Glove
The Sundays – Here’s Were the Story Ends
The The – This is the day
Trisomie 21 – Breaking Down
Trisomie 21 – La Fête Triste
Trisomie 21 – Last Song
Two Witches – The Omen
When in Rome – The Promisse (Extended Version)
Wolfsheim – Lovesong
Wolfsheim – The Sparrows and the Nightingales
Wolfsheim – Touch
X Mal Deutschland – Hand in Hand
X Mal Deutschland – Mondlicht
X Mal Deutschland – Polarlicht

Volt – Stahlwerk (EBM Storm)

A great video and a great music. The image quality is also good. Excellent EBM. This is the first edition of the European festival called “EBM Storm”, and the backgroun music is called “Stahlwerk”, of the group “Volt”. Rate and comment, please^^

ESC – The Robots

Track 10 from the Eden Synthetic Corps cd Matte

State of the Union
“RadioMan” (Club-Edit Version)
2008 Evol Love Industry
for more info visit: